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The Third Millennium Project of Alsatian Genealogy



A project of the XXI century for Alsatian genealogy, @lsabase is a great and ambitious plan which is based on and requires voluntary help from genealogists researching in Alsace, whether or not they are members of a genealogical organization.

The spirit and aim of @lsabase is to facilitate mutual help and help to make connections with cousins.

In other words :

  @lsabase, search with solidarity

not solitary.  

Based on sharing data, the @lsabase project will be the database of reference for Alsace.

@lsabase draws together researchers and makes the search easier.

Soon @lsabase will make links between history and great men of this little land located between the Rhine river and Vosges mountains. The interaction of history with genealogy explains the richness of Alsatian culture, like the language (Alsatian), and unique mix of religions.

Of course, only integrated data is available and online. The database is not complete because everyone has to help to complete it !

So, we need you to help us to complete @lsabase in order to make it more comprehensive, and increase the number of contacts.


How to submit your data

For any information 

Daniel DEBUS - Webmaster of @lsabase